About Us

CubeiTz came into being in May 2011. Our aim was to create the toughest nut to crack in the world of data storage – a Fort Knox of data. We are a group of industry specialists dedicated to providing new solutions to facilitate the ever-increasing demand for secure data storage. We are coders, cryptologists, database experts and specialists in the application of technology. A lifetime and wealth of experience has enabled us to develop the next level of data safety.

Personal details, private data and financial particulars. We all have them and now, more than ever, we store, share and interact in that thing we know little about and have little control over – The Cloud.
CubeITz is the solution that incorporates the simplicity and security of the real world, with the real-time speed, flexibility and user interaction of the virtual world.

In the real world we have our safe places, our bank, our safety deposit box, our filing cabinet – the places we trust with our precious documents and files. This is what CubeITz will become to you in the virtual world – The place you trust.

The core technology of CubeITz is unlike traditional technology. Designed from the ground-up, in such a way that it overcomes vulnerabilities and security issues traditional technology suffers from. We looked at the ever-emerging weaknesses of other solutions and knew what was needed. We knew that compromised privacy and security would become an increasing concern globally and we are determined to completely resolve the issue for all our future users.

We developed CubeITz for personal and business use. This innovative system protects your data from loss or theft in a radical and unique way.

The key thing behind CubeITz is the architecture on which it is built. The technology gives us the ability to add functionality as opposed to just adding data.

The platform is designed and developed to not just share files; this would just be another Cloud based file sharing system. The CubeITz framework delivers applications, application data and services via a consistent interface.

Our framework blocks theft, hacking and loss to a degree as yet unimagined. Yet as our ideas and developments came thick and fast we wanted more than that. We created a framework where all your online life’s elements work in protected harmony unique to and completely controllable by you. Everything you use online within your life can now run in a secure framework. You control, share, manage and govern everything in a fortress environment.

This is all done easily, portably and without fear of interception, data trickle, spyware, malware or virus. You use hardware and mobile devices to run your digital world, we utilise encryption on your hardware, hard drives and in the cloud to look after it. You gain the absolute best of what the Internet has to offer but without the nagging fear that what you put there isn’t secure.

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