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CubeiTz Business

Data theft is a global problem. It threatens everyone… individuals, businesses and even Government. Normal defence measures are no longer adequate against hackers and cyber criminals. Cybercrime, according to Lloyds of London, costs businesses up to $400 Billion annually.

The vast majority of companies are very easy prey, a fact they all find out, when it’s too late.

There are two elements to the problem –
First – protecting the “perimeter” – your firewall, but also then,
protecting your data, because all perimeters are vulnerable.

Data compliance has become a legal, moral and financial necessity. Executives failing to take adequate action risk personal liability. Companies failing to provide effective security against data loss and theft, risk massive financial loss, consequential punitive fines and serious damage to established reputations.

Our business solution allows your business to both store and share 1 million bit encrypted files to client accounts securely and without fear of data breach.
CubeiTz offers a solution that is simple, swift and affordable.

Here are some of the features of our business solution:

• Local storage
• Cloud storage
• 1 million bit encryption
• 3rd party cloud storage integration
• Drag-and-drop technology
• Minimal staff training required
• Administrator management
• Application integration
• Outbound access & sharing

With our partners, Internet Central, we provide a fully-managed service for all business requirements; offering solutions within your own network or within a fully managed data centre. This can include remote installation, set-up, configuration and backups of your data.

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