• Protects data on your computer and external storage devices
  • Protects data stored in the cloud
  • Share encrypted data by utilising 3rd party Cloud storage providers
  • Ensure your private data remains private

Safely store the data you want to keep private; locally on your hard disk, USB’s, external drives or 3rd Party Clouds – Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, One Drive, icloud

Encrypting your data with CubeiTz makes it worthless to anyone who hacks, steals or compromises your computer. Anything you store in the cloud using CubeiTz ensures the data is worthless to anyone who obtains it.

Data imported into CubeiTz is completely removed from your operating system with a military grade disk wipe, leaving zero trace.

CubeiTz is easy to install and works across Windows and Mac giving you the same user experience from wherever you are logged in.

Drag-and-Drop – Simply drag and drop content from your desktop into CubeiTz where it is encrypted and stored to your specified location.

Customisable – Style your Cubes to match their category.

CubeiTz can be run in offline mode when the internet is not available..

Start protecting your data and what’s private to you…. You are vulnerable.