CubeiTz has been designed with ease of use in mind.
Read the – User Guide – to get up and running within a couple of minutes.

CubeiTz has been designed to make the encryption and storage of data as easy as possible. CubeiTz removes all the technical aspects and the headache normally associated with encryption – the management of data, management of encryption keys and management of stored data.

We have designed CubeiTz from an end user perspective making a complex set of routines very simple.

Please read this User Guide thoroughly before you start using CubeiTz to ensure you understand how CubeiTz works and its capabilities.

CubeiTz is an encrypted file location storage system, allowing you to securely encrypt your data, store it where you choose and access whenever you need it.

If you are running the Lite version you can only use certain features of CubeiTz for free. You can store encrypted data on your computers Hard Drive. All other features and functions are available when you purchase the full version.

To register a license key and fully activate CubeiTz, go to Preferences in the Main Menu > License Key > add your license key > You will then receive a message informing you the registration is valid. You can now access to all the features of CubeiTz.

Storage locations

CubeiTz detects the storage locations you have available: Local, external and cloud storage (CubeiTz supports cloud storage for Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive & Office 365).
You can switch between your storage locations by selecting the storage location on the left panel of the main interface.
You can move your content between storage locations by selecting the item > right click > move selected > high-light the required destination and click ‘drop’ in the open instruction window.

Ease of Use

Our drag-and-drop interface makes CubeiTz simple to use. Drag and drop files or folders from your computer into the main CubeiTz window where they will be encrypted and stored in the selected storage location using CubeiTz multi-layer encryption engine.
Items imported into CubeiTz can be completely removed/deleted from your computer/operating system by a military grade wipe, leaving zero trace.
When you want to work on or view encrypted document/data > double click it > the data will be decrypted and an application associated with the data will open.

Note : The military grade wipe only works on individual files imported into CubeiTz. If you drag a folder into CubeiTz, the military grade wipe will not work. This is in case a user inadvertently imports a system folder, which would have dire effects on the computer.



If you require more help or assistance, email us at or read the FAQ’s here.