The team at CubeiTz are in the process of developing a range of technologies that will ensure greater safety for data.

Whether CubeiTz is used for business or personal use, users will have greater peace of mind that their documents and media are now secure forever.

We have just launched stage1 of our product suite – CubeiTz.

‘CubeiTz’ can either be downloaded and installed on the users hard/external or flash drive, or pre installed on hardware at the point of manufacture.

We are looking for Partners, Distributors and Affiliates to take CubeiTz to market with us.

The CubeiTz team members have a proven record of development within this industry, and with patents pending on this technology we are looking to share this journey with companies who have a proven track record in technology distribution and the application of data security within their industry sector.

CubeiTz is far more than a data security application. CubeiTz is a framework which has the potential to change ‘Cloud’ applications forever.

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Distribution & Licensing