Assured Data Management

Cubeitz ensures the secure storage and communication of data both in and out of your business.

Our software removes the pain and risk of sharing a host of documents and data whilst maintaining secure management and access with unparalleled levels of functionality, all the time giving you complete peace of mind for data compliance.

We have developed this from the ground up here in the UK. Given GDPR is now legislation Cubeitz gives you peace of mind for secure storage and sharing of data.

Completely non-disruptive to your business and designed with ease of use in mind, Cubeitz gives you complete flexibility yet secure compliance and security.

What people say about Cubeitz
Cubeitz has proven invaluable in our print business, allowing us to transfer design and artwork securely between ourselves and our clients
Ian Watkins, Rowtype
This has been the answer to what was potentially a massive problem for our business. Implementation and use of Cubeitz is a breeze
Lawrence Rose, 3PL
Cubeitz is the missing piece of the jigsaw. This helps so many people with data security and data compliance within their businesses.
Tony Neate, GetSafeOnline

Cubeitz is the industry’s most credible, efficient and assured document management system for safe knowledge exchange.

Our disruptive technology brings together the best of data management and secure communication. Creating a hybrid of Digital Rights Management (DRM) & Document Management System (DMS) protected by our multi-layered encryption engine.
Designed to remove the complexity of secure document and data management

Cubeitz has developed a centralised document management system which works within a multi domain environment. This allows for the storage and sharing of sensitive information without the risk of loss or theft.

Radically reduce corporate compliance cost and increase internal efficiency

Sitting within your business workflow, Cubeitz gives your organisation the peace of mind for e-privacy and GDPR compliance for data protection with unparalleled levels of DRM and DMS functionality, which include document security and privacy controls that address complex regulations and standards around the globe.

Drive efficiency and profitability

Content management is about bringing your files and assets under control in a centralised location, automating business workflows where possible and improving productivity and profitability.

Maximising the value of your content

In a world where content has expanded to include video, audio, PDF and a host of other formats, Cubeitz ensures that all your content is managed and maintained centrally in a scalable, accessible platform which maximises its value.

Unlike anything else available

Cubeitz allows the integration of external systems to achieve seamless communication and the secure sharing of data. Cubeitz’s open architecture enables us to develop solutions that fit your needs rapidly. Our expertise in storage, content and distribution applies to all those who wish to maximise the value of their assets.

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