• What is the Cubeitz Enterprise Solution ?

    The Cubeitz Enterprise solution (CES) is designed for Businesses or SME’s who do not have their own IT department or IT support. We create a data silo on the Cubeitz cloud which is dedicated to your business and only accessible to people with permission from within your business.

  • How does this differ from a single user license?

    CES allows secure communication both internally and externally to your business while giving flexibility to the amount of people who use it. With storage and sharing capabilities with 1TB CES is ideal for the secure management of data and data sharing. (more storage is available).

  • Do you offer managed services?

    Yes. We assist not only in the set-up of your Enterprise system, we can also assist with configuring back-ups and updates to the system.

  • Does the Enterprise solution help with GDPR compliance?

    Yes indeed. All versions of Cubeitz help with compliance for file storage. Cubeitz features address all15 points the requirements of privacy legislation such as GDPR requires regarding encryption:

    1. Protects data “at-rest” – in the cloud and locally
    2. Protects data “in-transit” from end to end
    3. Encrypts files fully, not partially
    4. Provides client-side encryption with user-held keys
    5. Provides automatic and transparent encryption and decryption
    6. Encrypts a wide range of data
    7. Integrates easily with existing processes
    8. Provides vendor-neutral support for different types of cloud storage
    9. Allows you to copy encrypted data from one place to another
    10. Enables developers to protect primary copies of data – implementing security by design and default
    11. Enables system administrators to protect secondary copies of data
    12. Provides long term security
    13. Is a reputable, high quality solution
    14. Provides cryptographic security at cloud proportions
    15. Provides integrity checking of encrypted data
  • Can I manage users of the Enterprise system?

    Yes – The Enterprise system allows you manage users and their access to your business. Once you have completed your business with your client, revoke their access and allocate permission to a new user.

  • When I remove a client from Cubeitz Enterprise account will they lose access to Cubeitz?

    No – They will only lose access to your business and the ability to share with you. You can always add them again and give them access.
    They will still have Cubeitz installed on their computer for personal use.