• What is the Cubeitz Exchange Solution?

    The Cubeitz Exchange Solution (CES) is the complete Cubeitz solution but with full administrator controls running from within your own network.

  • What access controls are there?

    Nobody will gain access to CES running within your network without the permission of the Administrators. Each user is granted permission to the system by the Administrator as well as access to specific functions within the system.

  • An employee has left the company, how can I close their account?

    You can either reallocate their permissions and privileges within the system to another user, or revoke access to the system which removes all access to any data wherever it is stored.

  • How is this deployed across a corporate domain?

    The CES is deployed by way of a simple installation.

    We can assist, if required, in the installation and set-up, but it has been designed to be very easy.

    The Cubeitz database (holding the user and cube meta data) would be best held on a central and fast server. All users would log into this server. While it is possible to have one large Amazon AWS bucket repository, the administrator may instead choose to have multiple Amazon AWS file servers, each configured to hold the user files local to their region, for faster access. Each of these file servers would act as regional clouds within Cubeitz with users only accessing the clouds they need.