Cubeitz Exchange Solution (CES) allows full management of the Cubeitz encryption and protected DMS within your own corporate network.

  • Hosted within your own corporate network
  • Full set-up documentation supplied.
  • CES allows the full administration and management of all users and data.
  • CES allows the administrator to define a user’s permissions and access rights

Administrator functions:

  • System configuration
  • Storage location configuration
  • User generation – Creation of new users
  • User management – Turn on/off deactivate users/revoke access to key and associated data
  • Key generation – creation of user encryption keys
  • Key management – turn on/off user keys
  • User privileges – grant access to functionality within the system
  • Users ability to move/edit/delete/share data

Cubeitz has zero knowledge or access to your CES.

The entire CES is designed with ease of use in mind.

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