Our Encryption Technology

The underlying technology of Cubeitz utilises multi-layer encryption using a one-million-bit encryption key. Each time data is imported into Cubeitz an encryption key is generated. Half of the encryption key is then encrypted and sent to the Cubeitz server (Cubeitz Cloud products) for secure storage via a secure encrypted communication tunnel.

The data imported into Cubeitz and the remaining half of the encryption key is then divided up into over 7000 individual packets. The parts of the key are then hidden within each of the packets of data, and each packet is then individually encrypted using AES256. The order of the packets is then randomised before an additional layer of encryption is applied overall.

This means any hacker attempting to access data encrypted in Cubeitz would have to attempt to decrypt the outer layer, decrypt over 7000 individual packets of data, find the parts of the key hidden inside, work out the correct order of the randomised packets, obtain half of the key hidden on the Cubeitz server (which is encrypted and obfuscated to hide all relationships between the key and the user data) and try to marry them together. And for the record, this is only the part of the secure processes we make public.

The keys are delivered in a highly secure process to our customers and stored in a way which obfuscates any relationship between the user and the user’s data. Even if Hackers were to compromise both the data location and our servers, any references to the relationship are hidden, rendering access completely useless without the users authorisation and password.

Start from 1Gb per month and if you need more simply indicate your usage needs or the allowance your would like, and tell us whether you share and receive documents daily, weekly or monthly. Upgrade your allowance at any time and only pay the difference for the period in the month remaining, downgrade after you have used your allowance for one full month.

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