from £9.99 per month including 100GB Cubeitz storage

Ready for your business ; the world’s first unified data management solution

For dedicated secure cloud storage for your business tell us the number of users and the expected usage or allowance you would like.

We will provision your product and add creates the personal business package that ensures you only pay for what you and your business want. Your basket is ready for you to securely make payment and checkout.

Your superuser can now set your Cubeitz ‘Business’ preferences and manage your users. Using our pay-as-you-go mechanism you only pay for what you need.

Using your preferred payment method, pay monthly for what you and your team have used, Watch your usage indicator for complete peace of mind.

Upgrade your business allowance at any time and only pay the difference for the period in the month remaining, downgrade after you have used your allowance for one full month, giving you complete control.

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Summary of benefits

    • Simple to start – start with 100Gb of storage and securely share files up to 1Gb


    • Easy to use – simply drag and drop files to Cubeitz and they will be stored, protected and can be shared in seconds


    • Store anywhere – Bring control and security to all your cloud storage providers, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, all of which are automatically detected


    • Share easily – create shared spaces that let you separate information by client or customer and ensure it is securely segregated


    • Collaborate – work with your team, customers or partners with approval processes built-in for review and feedback


    • Control access – manage your teams and collaborators access to data with the flexibility to control rights down to individual files


  • Integrate easily – Cubeitz has open connectivity to work seamlessly with your existing tools and systems so you don’t need to replace anything you use