The challenge for accountants

The demands on accounting staff are increasing as the need for more detailed reporting is coming at a time when the volume and timeliness of tax legislation grow and many companies are facing economic uncertainty. The role of the accountant has changed in this new environment, with many now required to create meaning and value from data in the form of insights, not purely to report facts, which requires more complex digital systems to enable the collation and analysis of more data.

Staying on top of compliance changes (such as GDPR) has further compounded the move towards digitisation for accounting firms meaning new systems have been implemented to speed up data collection and increase the efficiency of reporting. But while the regulatory awareness of accounting staff is generally very high, the knowledge of the new systems has lagged behind as have the controls and security around the increasing level of data being collected.

The result is that with more data and information about companies and individuals needing to be collected, stored, analysed and shared between teams or accountants and their business partners, the vulnerabilities of that information have increased.

Our solution

At Cubeitz we understand the challenge and the constraints that exist for the accounting industry. The Cubeitz Unified Data Management Solution (UDMS) lets you store and manage your information within existing systems and storage locations, ensuring it is fully encrypted and protected.

Creating a “cube” for each of your clients or for managing all documents within an accounting period you can easily control access and security around the data. For internal collaboration you can create a team and share access to the files to invited members; collaborating externally, you have a secure way of sharing the information with clients or partners. Key documents such as year end accounts can be reviewed and approved through the Cubeitz workflow and a single view of the collated documents maintained between all parties.

The team at Cubeitz continuously enhance the security and features of the solution ensuring that your business remains compliant with current legislation in relation to the securing and sharing of sensitive information. As the Cubeitz UDMS works alongside your existing systems you do not need to replace anything you have already invested in, simply add Cubeitz as a layer of protection over what you already have.

Download Cubeitz

Summary of benefits

    • Simple to start – securely share files of unlimited file size (subject to subscription).
    • Easy to use – simply drag and drop files to Cubeitz and they will be stored, protected and can be shared in seconds
    • Store anywhere – Bring control and security to all your cloud storage providers, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, all of which are automatically detected
    • Share easily – create shared spaces that let you separate information by client or customer and ensure it is securely segregated
    • Collaborate – work with your team, customers or partners with approval processes built-in for review and feedback
    • Control access – manage your teams and collaborators access to data with the flexibility to control rights down to individual files
  • Integrate easily – Cubeitz has open connectivity to work seamlessly with your existing tools and systems so you don’t need to replace anything you use