The challenge for the legal sector

The landscape for legal firms and the legal profession is evolving. Most legal firms are facing pressures on profitability and increasing costs and as a result need to focus on improving efficiency. This leads to a need to improve the use of technology in all areas of the business. It is also leading to an increase in home working, the PWC Law Firm Survey has stated that 70% of firms have delivered or embarked on remote and mobile working.

Set against a global landscape where the volume of cyber-attacks on legal firms are increasing and the legislative framework introducing stricter controls and fines for data breaches (such as GDPR) the pressure for greater control over the management of data is very high.

Any legal firm or legal department has a large volume of clients, cases and case files to manage at any one time and needs to have the flexibility to allow these to be accessed, shared and worked on collaboratively across multiple locations whilst ensuring they maintain a high level of security.

Our solution

Cubeitz understand the demands faced by legal firms, the complexity involved in managing large numbers of documents that need to be stored, controlled, shared and secured. Cubeitz Unified Data Management Solution (UDMS) delivers a seamless solution that provides the control and security for your documents while seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and processes.

In one place you can easily create ‘cubes’ for each case your firm is engaged with, store all documents associated with the case and set access permissions down to individual file level – granting access to clerks, partners, managing partners, clients and third parties. With full version control, audit log and document history you can quickly see who has worked on which documents, switch between versions and compare document history.

We appreciate most cases or clients have large numbers of documents associated with them and the ability to easily locate and identify critical documents, often years after concluding the business is very important. We provide the ability for documents to be tagged with key information but also have a powerful search that works across the encrypted documents to find what you need quickly.

The collaboration tools built into Cubeitz mean you can seamlessly share secured and encrypted documents with your clients, partners or opposing legal firms all of who can be given permission to review, mark-up or approve documents. This includes the ability to email encrypted files and copies of documents with the same powerful encryption protecting attachments.

Cubeitz goes further and allows you to create a secure vault for your clients critical documents that need to be retained over lifetimes, such as Wills, that the client can access from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that no-one else can view them.

The use of a secure cube is unique as it allow the “owner” of the documents to transfer the ownership to a new person on the exchange of ownership. This is particularly useful for transactions such as house sales where all deeds and documents can be electronically assigned and transferred to their new owner who takes control of the cube of documents.

Download Cubeitz

Summary of benefits

    • Simple to start – Securely share files of unlimited file size (subject to subscription).
    • Easy to use – simply drag and drop files to Cubeitz and they will be stored, protected and can be shared in seconds
    • Store anywhere – Bring control and security to all your cloud storage providers, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, all of which are automatically detected
    • Share easily – create shared spaces that let you separate information by client or customer and ensure it is securely segregated
    • Collaborate – work with your team, clients or partners with approval processes built-in for review and feedback
    • Control access – manage your access levels for secretaries, clerks, partners and collaborators to allow case files to be managed with the flexibility to control rights down to individual documents
  • Integrate easily – Cubeitz has open connectivity to work seamlessly with your existing tools and systems so you don’t need to replace anything you use