The challenge for manufacturing

There is a broad spectrum of manufacturing businesses around the world and while some high-tech manufacturers have taken specific steps to protect and secure their information, there are many that see the need to manage data security more as a cost than a benefit to the business.


Yet today the manufacturing industry’s business and operating environment is increasingly global. More of the manufacturing operations are spread around the world as are the stakeholders and customers involved in the supply chain. This means manufacturers are more reliant on digital platforms.

The conception, design and production of new products is a length process that involves many different stakeholders at different stages. With so many people involved the risk of information or documentation being stolen, leaked or shared accidentally is a very real concern for manufacturers.

This potential risk will only increase as the sector transforms further to “Industry 4.0”, increasing automation using a mix of internet of things, cloud computing, AI and cognitive computing all fuelled by vast amounts of data.

Our solution

Cubeitz understands the complexity involved in the manufacturing process and the number of stakeholders involved along the path to launching a new product. We also appreciate that as the sector evolves the demands on manufacturing and industrial businesses to manage and share larger volumes of data is growing.

With Cubeitz in one solution you can securely create shared spaces; allow your teams and partners to collaborate globally; and share large files in an encrypted format. These three points are at the heart of what we believe a manufacturing business needs to ensure information flows freely from the stage of research and development all the way through to launch.

Cubeitz allows you to create a very granular level of security for your data so you can limit access down to individual files for selected teams or colleagues. With the auditing and access logs you can not only track who has accessed files but also any changes made, as well as recording activity on the file.

With an open approach to integration, Cubeitz will work with your existing systems and solutions, allowing you to leverage the power of our security and encryption across your business without replacing your existing infrastructure.

Summary of benefits

    • Simple to start – securely share files of unlimited file size (subject to subscription).
    • Easy to use – simply drag and drop files to Cubeitz and they will be stored, protected and can be shared in seconds
    • Store anywhere – Bring control and security to all your cloud storage providers, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, all of which are automatically detected
    • Share easily – create shared spaces that let you separate information by project, division or customer and ensure it is securely segregated
    • Collaborate – work with your team, customers or partners with approval processes built-in for review and feedback
    • Control access – manage your teams and collaborators access to data with the flexibility to control rights down to individual files
  • Integrate easily – Cubeitz has open connectivity to work seamlessly with your existing tools and systems so you don’t need to replace anything you use