The challenge for service partners

Whether you are a member of an internal team that provides consulting, creative, marketing or project services or part of the team at an agency that provides services to other companies, there is a constant need to share documents and data. The information you share is often sensitive and can be too large to be sent by email, so you turn to file sharing solutions or cloud drives to allow you to continue to share and collaborate.

These file sharing solutions are a fantastic help in daily business life, but what most of us do not appreciate is that the information we share or store in many of these platforms is owned by the provider of the platform.

In addition as we have all read on an ever more regular basis, security breaches involving sensitive information are increasing and becoming more sophisticated. Governments are responding with stronger legislation which impacts all businesses so the need to protect the data and files we have has never been more critical.

Our solution

Cubeitz understands the need to share large and often sensitive information is critical and that you have invested in cloud platforms to support your business. The Cubeitz Unified Data Management Solution allows you to continue to share documents and use your cloud but provide protection and security for your information via our encryption technology.

Cubeitz works via the web, your desktop or mobile device and allows you to share documents with the same level of ease and simplicity of other file sharing tools but with the added layer of security.

Within Cubeitz you can create multiple structures or groupings of your information across all of your cloud or internal storage, allowing you, for example, to collate all documents for a single client or project into one structure. You can control who can access which information and with one click share documents with your team or selected users.

Summary of benefits

    • Simple to start – securely share files of unlimited file size (subject to subscription).
    • Easy to use – simply drag and drop files to Cubeitz and they will be stored, protected and can be shared in seconds
    • Store anywhere – bring control and security to all your cloud storage providers, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Office 365, all of which are automatically detected
    • Share easily – create shared spaces that let you separate information by client or customer and ensure it is securely segregated
    • Collaborate – work with your team, customers or partners with approval processes built-in for review and feedback
    • Control access – manage your teams and collaborators access to data with the flexibility to control rights down to individual files
  • Integrate easily – Cubeitz has open connectivity to work seamlessly with your existing tools and systems so you don’t need to replace anything you use