Main Menu > Contacts > Add Contact

Add contacts by:

Sending an individual contact request


From your address book (Mac only)

Single Request: Enter the Contacts email address and name > click Send. The Contact will receive an email from Cubeitz inviting them to join Cubeitz and to connect with you.

Mac OS only – Multiple Request via Address Book:

Select Address Book Tab then click ‘Address Book’ > your contacts will display > Select the contacts you would like to connect with by ticking/unticking and ‘Send’.

An email will be sent inviting them to join you on Cubeitz.


Groups allows you to create groups of contacts to securely share encrypted data with. Main Menu > Edit Groups


Groups from the dropdown menu and right-click > Edit Groups – Create a new Group and give it a name >

With the group, hi-lighted click the ‘Membership’ tab and drag the contacts from the left panel to the right panel to make them part of the group.

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