Cubeitz requires connection to the internet

Cubeitz requires connection to the internet as a security feature.

In the event that your device has been lost, stolen or hacked, it is impossible for whoever obtains your device to access the data as they will not be able to gain access to the complete key. This is a security measure in the management and storage of the encryption keys which are generated for each of your files.

All the functions of Cubeitz are accessed via:


1. Main Menu

2. Main user icons

Contacts/ Groups/ Data Source/ Encrypt/ History

This area allows you to display the data storage locations, see and organise your contacts and groups, see the progress of data importing into Cubeitz and search and view changes to your data.

3. Storage area

This is where encrypted data is stored/displayed and organised.

4. Right-Clicks

Depending where you click within the application you will receive different options –

After the 90-day trial expires, Cubeitz requires a product/license key to access all the features.

Enter your license key via the Preferences window, found via the main navigation.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Set-up
  4. Resizing
  5. Organise Files
  6. Importing into Cubeitz
  7. Storage Options
  8. Search
  9. Contacts
  10. Sharing
  11. Log Out/ Quit
  12. Workflow Back-Ups
  13. Version Control
  14. History
  15. Viewing Data
  16. Terms
  17. Navigation
  18. Getting Around
  19. Things to Know
  20. Right Clicks 
  21. Help