Our drag-and-drop interface makes Cubeitz simple to use.

Drag and drop files or folders from your computer into the main Cubeitz window where they will be encrypted and stored in the selected storage location.


Main Menu > File > Import File/ Folder.

Once the folder and its contents have been encrypted they will be displayed.

You can check to see how imports are progressing and to see the time remaining by selecting ‘Encryption process’ tab. This will display all the files queued for importing, and those remaining:

Note: You can upload files directly into a cube/ folder by double-clicking into the cube/ folder and dragging files inside.

Note: Make sure you have set your preferences for importing folders and maintaining their folder structure.

Note: Items imported into Cubeitz can be completely removed/ deleted from your computer/ operating system by a military grade wipe, leaving zero trace. This is a user preference found here > Cubeitz > Preferences > Settings > Delete original file or folder after importing.