We have already covered creating Cubes/ folders to organise your data

You can move any files or cubes anywhere within any locations mapped within Cubeitz.

We have even made it possible to move your encrypted data between different cloud storage suppliers.

Select or right-click the item or items you want to move > select ‘Move Selected’ from the dropdown menu >

A window opens prompting you to select the location where you want to move the selected items. Now navigate your way to the location and click ‘Drop’.

The new location can be another storage location or within another folder or cube.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Set-up
  4. Resizing
  5. Organise Files
  6. Importing into Cubeitz
  7. Storage Options
  8. Search
  9. Contacts
  10. Sharing
  11. Log Out/ Quit
  12. Workflow Back-Ups
  13. Version Control
  14. History
  15. Viewing Data
  16. Terms
  17. Navigation
  18. Getting Around
  19. Things to Know
  20. Right Clicks 
  21. Help