Storing data in the Cubeitz Cloud allows you to easily and securely share data with any other Cubeitz Cloud user.

You can define permissions for the data you share with your contacts. You can define whether a contact can View/ Edit/ Export/ Duplicate/ Delete the shared data.

  • View – Allows the user to see data has been shared with them.
  • Edit – Allows the user to decrypt/open the data > work on it > re-encrypt it and save back into Cubeitz.
  • Export – Allows the user to export a decrypted version of the data from Cubeitz to their computer.
  • Duplicate – Allows the user to make a duplicate copy of the data within Cubeitz.
  • Delete – Allows the user to delete the data stored in Cubeitz.

NOTE: Make sure you grant the right permissions for both the Cube the data is stored in and the data itself.

Either import data into Cubeitz then set the sharing permissions or select a single user or multiple users from your contact or groups list and import data into the Cubeitz cloud (when users are selected, by default they are given edit/view permissions).

Permissions can be changed by right-clicking a cube or file and selecting ‘Set Sharing Permissions’. Check/uncheck permissions as required.

NOTE: When sharing data, permissions have to be given for each level of the Cube/folder hierarchy to enable the person to see the data shared with them inside the file structure.

There is an option in the sharing permissions window to give access to all the files contained within the cube. Tick/untick accordingly.

Sharing via 3rd party cloud.

Cubeitz also allows you to share your encrypted data safely with another Cubeitz user utilising the sharing capabilities of 3rd party Cloud storage accounts.

Create a shared folder between yourself and those you wish share data with in your Cloud account, Dropbox for example:

Add this shared Cloud location as a new data source in Cubeitz > Add a new Data Source by either Right-click in the Data Source window or from Data Sources in the Main Menu > Click ‘Add’ and your computers browser opens > navigate to the shared location you have created in your Cloud account, select it and click ‘open’. The destination will be added to the Data Source window. It is displayed as ‘New Data Source’ > Click on the name to rename.

How to Share-

Select the file you want to share > right-click > Set Sharing Permissions > Select the permissions you want each of your contacts to have by ticking options –

View: Edit: Export: Duplicate: Delete

Now Sharing permissions have been set for the file and the contact you wish to share the data with, move the data to the shared location you have created. Once the sync takes place all parties will be able to see the data.

Shared item/s display an amber padlock top right of file/Cube.

Once shared, permissions can be changed by selecting the shared item > right click > Show Profile > Select Sharing tab > You can now check/uncheck:

We support iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive & Office365 for creating shared cloud folders which then sync and share via Cubeitz.

NOTE: Content will only be shared/displayed in the shared synced folder when permissions have been set from both Cubeitz and the shared cloud folder.

NOTE: By default, importing files while Contacts or Groups are selected automatically shares (only view and edit permissions) with those that are selected. You can change them in the Profile if needed > Select Item > right-click > Show Profile > Sharing Tab > tick/untick as required.