Version Control allows you to view previously saved versions of your data.

If you wish to view a previously saved version of a file right-click to select the file > Export Version > select the previous version and click ‘Export’ > Save to your computer.

10 previous versions of a file are saved by default. You can increase/decrease as required.

Note: If stored in the cloud each version uses your cloud storage allocation.

Note: Each version of a file takes up memory. You can delete previous/unwanted versions by selecting and clicking the ‘Purge’ button.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Set-up
  4. Resizing
  5. Organise Files
  6. Importing into Cubeitz
  7. Storage Options
  8. Search
  9. Contacts
  10. Sharing
  11. Log Out/ Quit
  12. Workflow Back-Ups
  13. Version Control
  14. History
  15. Viewing Data
  16. Terms
  17. Navigation
  18. Getting Around
  19. Things to Know
  20. Right Clicks 
  21. Help