Viewing encrypted data

All data stored in Cubeitz is encrypted. In order to use, modify or work on that data simply double-click it.

The data decrypts and an application on your computer associated with that data-type opens. During this period the unencrypted data is stored in a folder called ‘Cubeitz Decrypted’ which is located in the OS Documents folder. When the data is re-encrypted it is removed from the ‘Cubeitz Decrypted folder and stored back in Cubeitz (If a file is shared with other users it cannot be opened by any other users while it is unencrypted on another users computer. This is to ensure version control works correctly).

The item in Cubeitz now displays a red padlock, indicating it is decrypted and currently in your computer’s Operating System.

Once you have finished working on the file and saved the changes, re-encrypt it  by clicking the ‘re-encrypt’ icon.

NOTE: You will now see the padlock changes back to green, indicating the file is now securely stored back inside Cubeitz.

Encrypted data displays a green padlock:

Data currently un-encrypted displays a red padlock:

Data shared with other people displays an amber padlock:

Data shared with other people who currently have the file open displays an open orange padlock: