Drop encrypt folder:

Upon installation Cubeitz creates a folder called ‘Cubeitz drop encrypt’ in the computers documents folder.

Any data saved to the Cubeitz drop encrypt folder will automatically be imported and saved into Cubeitz at a location defined by the user. Cubeitz routinely checks every 60 seconds for data in the drop encrypt folder, imports it then deletes it from the drop encrypt folder.

This feature allows the user to make Cubeitz part of a workflow by defining the drop encrypt folder as a location for external applications to automatically save data. Perfect for automating off-site back-ups to the cloud.

If a user deletes their defined location or the defined location is not available (external device not connected) the data will be saved by default to the local drive within Cubeitz.

Define a location by navigating to a cube (this can be in any location) and clicking ‘current folder’ in the settings window (Mac -Cubeitz > Preferences > Settings – Windows – Help > Preferences > Settings). The saved location will now display at the bottom of the preferences window confirming the default location.

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